Hand Knitted wool TOE-STIES in natural white

Hand Knitted wool TOE-STIES in natural white


Making process
Each pair of TOE-STIES are hand-knitted with love, with far more care and attention than methods offered by a machine. More love, more warmth.

For cold-proof TOE-STIES, I use natural wool. It breathes, and helps manage the body temperature by insulating heat loss. WhilstTOE-STIES are made for the cold, materials can also be tailored to requirements - for warmer months, we also offer toe-sties made of linen or cotton as well.

Practical uses
TOE-STIES suit anyone with an interest in outdoor pursuits, or with those working an environment with minimal insulation. Made with thin thread, TOE-STIES are fitted just to cover the toes, and conveniently fit into any footwear.

Care Instructions
Machine Washable at 40 degrees
Suitable for Ironing

75% Pure Wool Super wash  
25% Nylon

TOE-STIES are ideal as a gift for your loved ones, helping keep warm those we treasure most.

We are offer a choice of three UNISEX sizes
S / narrow feet /8-10cm
M /middle width /10-12cm
L / wider feet/12-15cm

If you have specific size or special desire just let us know and we keep in touch with you to discuss about it. 

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It all happened a while ago around year 2010 or 2011 whilst wondering around the annual arts and crafts fair in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was an exceptionally cold morning, and I will never forget that sensation when you feel cold to the bone. We took shelter in a small cafe, where some hot tea helped to heal our frozen spirits.

As we began to warm, at a nearby table I noticed a grandmother dressing her granddaughter. The grandmother was reassuring the child, who was distressed about the cold, and slipped on a pair of toe-sties to keep her feet warm. The child hushed, and I was struck by her calm.

I was enjoying my tea, but I would have really done well with a pair for myself. I thought about everyone else huddled around their tea, and how we all might do with a pair for ourselves. From that cold winter day, I hope to bring warmth to those afflicted by the unforgiving winter months. As such I am proud to announce this product.